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You love animals? In the current day and age, where animal welfare and conservation are increasingly important topics, zoos find themselves in a key position to make a difference. Endangered animals can find sanctuary in the zoos, and visitors can learn about the stunning diversity this planet has to offer.

upjers zoo games, My Free Zoo and MyFreeZoo Mobile take this a step further.

Here, you can make the virtual zoo of your dreams with over 300 different exotic animals. A wide variety of enclosures, decorations, and other elements allow you to create unique habitats.

My Free Zoo’s Highlights at a Glance

• Long-lasting fun thanks to regular updates

• An unbelievable variety of customization options

• Lovingly-designed graphics and animations

• Engaging co-op opportunities through organization and friendship features

• Tons of exotic and unique animals to collect, care for, and breed

Each new animal and decoration will help you attract more visitors for your zoo, whose manifold desires can be accommodated with amenities such as souvenir shops and drink carts.

These features lay the foundation on which you can continuously build and upgrade your zoo, take care of adorable animals, and contribute to conservation efforts by breeding endangered and providing them with a home in your free online zoo game.


My Free Zoo

For playing at home, we recommend the browser game classic My Free Zoo – the online browser version of the zoo game has the largest variety of animals.

Over 300 different species, from armadillo girdled lizards to zebras can find a home in specialized enclosures for different biomes, specialized buildings like aquariums and aviaries, and regions like the flower meadow and polar park.

Aside from adorable animals and a quirky cartoon setting, My Free Zoo offers a wide variety of exciting game elements. For example, taking care of the needs of your guests plays an important role in this online zoo game, as you design paths through your enclosures, build shops, and use invest your profits in the growth of your zoo.

Boredom is not an option thanks to My Free Zoo’s quest system. Countless missions with a creative variety of tasks provide you with long-term objectives, so that you always have a goal in mind.

It’s not up to you alone either. Organization and friend features allow you to work towards goals together with friends and exchange ideas for successful and artistic zoos.

Employees will likewise support you in your endeavors; while you are offline, they will take care of your animals and keep the zoo tidy. Special regions like the children’s farm and the menagerie create an engaging gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end!


MyFreeZoo Mobile

Animal lovers on the move won’t be left empty-handed. We have just the thing for you: MyFreeZoo Mobile!

Optimized for mobile play, you can enjoy a large selection of animals, decorations, and quests. Care for and breed animals, and take care of your visitor’s needs. There’s no limit to the possibilities!

The standalone zoo game app MyFreeZoo Mobile allows you to play anywhere – be it in the waiting room, at a bus stop or in line at the supermarket – and escape to your virtual zoo.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, you can download the game for free and dive right into your zoo experience on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Be it at home at your computer with the online browser version of the zoo building game My Free Zoo, or with the standalone app MyFreeZoo Mobile on your mobile device (iOS or Android): The cute cartoon animals are looking forward to your visit!

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